"Lifting the veil of ignorance".

Booker T Washington Monument

The Dreamers Wax Museum is a must-see event! It is truly one of a kind.  The children fabulously represent our past - little beacons of light shining upon our history.  This annual exhibit showcases celebrated icons in our African American history- past and present as portrayed by children in Aurora and the surrounding community.  The children dress in character and recite information about their selected icon to awe and amazement of museum guest.

The Museum honors Dr. King, the supreme dreamer, and also pays homage to others who dared to dream in the United States and around the world.  Guests will recognize familiar icons, as well as celebrated icons in the diaspora.  The children magnificently bring to life all of these dreamers.

"This is a unique and enjoyable way for children to learn about history.  They really get a chance to become familiar with the struggles and sacrifices of the people that they portray - and understand that they often persevered in spite of it all." - Parent

The event is a wonderful, cultural, educational experience for children and adults alike.