About Us:

The Dreamers Wax Museum is a program of Agape Connection, Inc.  Our mission is to educate the children, the family, and the public at large on the achievements of people of African descent in order to instill a perpetual sense of commitment, dedication, and excellence in future generations. 

The museum has had a long history in the Aurora, IL community with the first Dreamers Wax Museum being held in 2005 at the Hyatt, Lisle, IL. It was created as youth engagement for the annual Agape Connection, Inc. celebration honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  and has since been held in conjunction with the Agape MLK event.  The parents and community have so embraced the program that it has grown and become a celebrated event with an annual core exhibit with Agape as well as several encore exhibits in the community. The children display such a precious and unprecedented excitement for their current and future portrayals. Parents, mentors, and teachers demonstrate an incredible amount of creativity in assisting the children with their exhibits. The totality of all of the above is an absolutely awe-inspiring event.

Since its inception, the Wax Museum participants have portrayed over 200 icons in our rich history. Beyond the excitement of the event, the museum is an educational venue for our children to develop a knowledge of and appreciation for the achievements of persons of African descent.  The children gain tremendous knowledge about the icons and events they portray and have an opportunity to practice research, public speaking, acting and much more in one event – the result of which is more self-confidence, self-esteem and empowerment.  It is a powerful and moving experience for all who participate and attend.

We look forward to seeing you at our events!

The Dream Team:
Leslie Davis, Director
​Anleeta Buchanan
Carla Dennis
Lachie' Jennings
Frankie Jones

A.J. Collier,  Founder & Consultant