Icon Suggestions

Individual Exhibits  
Dr. Ida Stephens Owens (Scientist)
Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson (Scientist)
Patricia Bath (Doctor and Inventor)
Elbert R. Robinson (Inventor)
Henry Blair (Inventor)
Granville Woods (Inventor)
Lewis Latimer (Inventor)
Elijah McCoy (Inventor)
Garrett Morgan (Inventor)
Jan Ernst Matzeliger (Inventor)
Thomas Jennings (Inventor)
Frederick McKinley Jones (Inventor)
Norbert Rillieux (Inventor)
Joseph Winters (Inventor)
Charles Drew (Doctor & Inventor)
Henry Blair (Inventor)
Julian Bond (Civil Rights)
Dred Scott (Slave sued for freedom)
William Monroe Trotter (Journalist and activist - early 20th century)
Ralph Bunche (Civil Rights)
Clara Hale (Civil Rights)
Mary Church Terrell (Civil Rights)
Ida B. Wells-Barnet (Civil Rights)
Roy Wilkins (Civil Rights)
Richmond Barthe (Actor/Artist)
Elizabeth Catlett (Actor/Artist)
Henry Ossawa Tanner (Actor/Artist)
Mamie Phipps Clark (Educator/Historian)
Dr. W.E.B. DuBouis (Educator/Historian)
James Weldon Johnson (Educator/Historian)
Dr. Alain Locke (Educator/Historian)
A. Philip Randolph (Entrepreneur)
Charles Clinton Spaulding (Entrepreneur)
Dean Dixon (Musician)
Amiri Baraka (Writer)
James Baldwin (Writer)
Countee P. Cullen (Writer)
Paul Laurence Dunbar (Writer)
Alex Haley (Writer)
Lorraine Hansberry (Writer)
Langston Hughes (Writer)
Aaron Albert Mossell – First AA to graduate from U of Penn Law school,
Nathon Francis Mossell – First AA to graduate from U of Penn
Wilma Rudolph – Athlete
Charles Harrison – Inventor
Marie Van Britten-Brown  - Inventor
Hiram Revels – First AA US Senator (Mississippi)
Elizabeth Keckley – Seamstress, Author and activist
Sheile C Johnson – BET co-founder, ownership stake in 3 sports franchises
Ella Baker – Civil rights worker
Alexa Canady – Doctor
Septima Poinsett Clark – Educator and activist
Kathleen Cleaver – Black Panther party
Dorothy Height – Educator and civil rights activist
Mary Church Terell – First AA woman to earn a college degree
Constance Baker Motley – First AA woman to argue a case before supreme court, original author of Brown v Board of education complaint
Sonia Sanchez – Poet
Harry T Moore – Founder NAACP
Willie Brown – Politician
Sarah Forbes – African Princess raised by Queen Victoria
Carl Brashear – First AA Navy Sea Diver
Lonnie Johnson – Inventor
Patricia Bath – Doctor
Janet Collins – Dancer
Coleman Young – Political
Samuel Gravely, Jr. – 9/11 Pilot
Andrew Jackson – Political
Group Exhibits
New Orleans Riots, 1866
Freedmen's Bureau (1865)
United States Cabinet Secretaries – (3) Eric Holder, Patricia Roberts Harris, Hazel R O’Leary
Chicago (Harlem) Globe Trotters  - (2-4)
Buffalo Soldiers – (2) Military
Montgomery Bus Boycott – (2-4) Civil Rights

Icon Selection

Individual Exhibit:


Icon Requirements:

The icons and events that the children portray are the substance of the museum.  In order to preserve the integrity of the museum please work with your children to select an appropriate icon or historical event.

Icons in the Dreamers Wax Museum are people of African descent who have made significant and lasting contributions to society.  All icon selections are subject to approval.  Please note that the museum is not simply a celebrity showcase.

Does your icon pass this test?

  1. Will the selection teach my child and/or the community something valuable.
  2. Do I know the contribution of the icon to society?

Contact us to check if your selection has already been reserved or for suggestions.

Icon selections are due no later than  February 4, 2018

Group Exhibit: